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Program Child Friendly

Dear clients,

We thank you for your confidence.

If you would be interested in registering your children with us, we would like to inform you that our capacities are full and the only way in which we can accommodate is through the basic Individual Child Friendly Care Program. Program and price is individual.  More information in our office. Email correspondence, appointments through an online reservation system and pre-payment for clinic and lab services will allow us to save overall time during the execution of our evaluation and services while still upholding a high level of service even when the number of patients seeking care grows. Payments for any services are only those which are not covered by standard insurance coverage.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you in our clinic.

Basic Individual Child Friendly Care Program – The following are the services which are not covered by standard health care coverage:

  1. A Pleasant atmosphere in a new clinic with a play area  for children.
  2. Evaluation and care in nonstandard hours such as afternoons or evenings, or by previous agreement outside standard operating hours.
  3. Non urgent communication via email, results from tests, evaluation and diagnosis by email.
  4. Submission of required validation and prescriptions by standard mail or email.
  5. Painful intrusive practises will be done with a local anaesthetic and sugar syrup.
  6. Optional vaccinations performed on premises in the clinic.
  7. Reservation and scheduling of plan visits through an online calendar.
  8. Invitations to educational programs and seminars on nutrition and preventive care.
  9. All health documentation executed and stored electronically.
  10. Preferential use of in house laboratory equipment and testing systems to gain diagnostic results in the clinic as soon as possible. The Package price includes all available in house laboratory testing equipment such as transcutaneous bilirubin measurements, examination by urinary analyzer, capillary hemoglobin and hematocrit, otoscopic ear examination, examination of pulse oximetry (excluding capillary KO with diff. And Strep A test) .