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Our Approach

Max and his blood tests with local anestetic and with favourite fairytale.

The main focus of our services which is the alpha omega of our operations is the Child Friendly Healthcare Initiative (CFHI):

Our first clinic for children was named M4MED which was enthusiastically meant as Miriam for Medicine. The aim of the office was and is to create an environment in the Czech health care system for child friendly outpatient care. CFHI is a health care project that addresses the physical, psychological and emotional needs of children and their families.

Medical visits to a doctor’s office, hospital or clinic can be a very frightening and traumatic experience for many children and their families around the world. The initiative, through the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children defines children’s health care by promoting certain standards of medical care for all aspects of health services for children. It provides conditions and regulation for terms of best practices by health care providers during every medical contact and service provision with children or expecting parties and their families. These procedures are used worldwide and apply for child patients in the home, in and outpatient health care facility, or a residential medical facility such as a hospital.

The Healthcare Initiative is focused on:

  • Lessening fear, uncertainty and suffering of children and their parents in the medical office environment,
  • Improving the overall medical check up experience,
  • Sickness prevention.


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