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Agreement for care/vaccination

Disagreement for care/vaccination

Agreement for care of a child 15years or older

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Individual care program – CHILD FRIENDLY

CHILD FRIENDLY PROGRAM:  For our clients we offer greater care, not only what is reimbursed by the insurance company.

1. Pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in the clinic with a playroom for children.
2. Possibility to schedule a visit on off hours.
3. Non urgent short, informative consultation by email, information about laboratory results. The costs cover up to 5 emails per year.
4. Sending requested prescription and validations by email or mail.
5. Painful intrusive practises will be done with a local anaesthetic and sugar syrup.
6. Optional vaccines available directly in the office.
7. Reservation and scheduling of plan visits through an online calendar.
8. Invitations to educational programs and seminars on nutrition and preventive care.
10. Preferential use of in house laboratory equipment and testing systems to gain results in the clinic as soon as possible. The Package price includes all available in house laboratory testing equipment such as transcutaneous bilirubin measurements, examination by urinary analyzer, capillary hemoglobin and hematocrit, otoscopic ear examination, examination of pulse oximetry (excluding capillary KO with diff. And Strep A test) .

Vaccines and reference to wrapper information :

Prevention of rotavirus infection: Rotarix a Rotareq ( price for one dose is  1490,00 Kč )

Prevention of pneumococcus infection: Synflorix a Prevenar 13 ( 1270,00 and 1690,00 Kč )

hexavaccine  – difteria, tetanus, pertussis, heamophilus inf B, hepatitis B, polio : Infanrix Hexa and Hexacima

prevention of measles, mumps, varicella; Priorix and varicella Priorix – Tetra ( 1890,00 Kč )

prevention of varicella; Varilrix ( 1820,00 Kč )

prevention of diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis: Infanrix, Boostrix ( 910,00 Kč ) child polio Boostrix – Polio

prevention of HPV: Cervarix and Silgard ( 2020,00 Kč)

prevention of meningococci infection: Neisvac C, Nimenrix, Menveo (1050,00 Kč and 1660,00 Kč ), Bexsero ( 3300,00 Kč )

prevention of encephalitis FSME ( 910,00 kč ) , Encepur

prevention of hepatitus type A: Havrix ( 1120,00 kč ) , Avaxim

prevention of flu: Vaxigrip (360,00Kč )